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Most Common Surgical Procedures for Gen Xers (When Did We Get So OLD?)

By December 4, 2015No Comments

Written By: Jenny Isenman

I’ve been called a Gen X-pert. I’ve hosted shows based on Generation X and been a guest on talk shows as a representative of my generation. Personally, I think we tend to see ourselves as adults who never really grew up. We’ve got an unusual tendency to be nostalgic of our youth while still feeling youthful. I kind of love that about us. What I don’t love is when I look in the mirror and realize what I see in my mind doesn’t match what I see in my reflection.

It seems we Gen Xers are not going down (or going up in years) without a fight. Our generation is getting over 40% of all surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures combined, which begs the questions: Are we just getting to the age that we need them and the older folks have given up or are we, as a generation more apt to try to block those punches aging is trying so desperately to land? I’ll check back in with you guys when we’re 60!

Until then, these are the top surgical procedures we Gen Xers ages 35-50 are opting for according to the 2014 Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank and The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (and my take on why).

% of Women Who Had this Procedure
in 2014 Who Were Age 35-50

1. Liposuction 46.4%
Childbirth, hectic schedules, and slowed metabolism mixed with the option of liposuction makes this an obvious place for Gen Xers to turn to for a fresh look or a throwback to our younger days when we convinced ourselves Snackwells were diet fare. Thank goodness our metabolism rates were higher then. Liposuction improves our bodies’ contours while removing excess fat deposits.

2. Breast Augmentation 37.3%
Different from the breast lift, though sometimes done together. Gen Xers who’ve given birth may find themselves looking at less than they started with or may just be over that hump and wanting to reward themselves with some new bras and something to put in them.

3. Tummy Tuck 52.6%
The ultimate betrayal of the low fat sugar snacks, baked potatoes and bottomless bread baskets — is that they catch up to you. Add in the ever expanding and “shrinking” baby belly and you may have some extra fat/skin you weren’t banking on. If those sit-ups aren’t giving you that perfect, taut tummy, consider this your next option. Oh how avoiding the belly button ring seems like dodging a bullet.

4. Breast Lift 51.1%
Some women don’t need more volume; they simply need to stop their boobs from blocking their belts. Yes, breast feeding and childbirth can cause this slack, but let’s not forget that lovely phenomenon that keeps us from flying off into outer space. Gravity.

5. Breast Reduction 43.6%
Maybe you were one of the lucky ones who kept some of the perks of pregnancy boobs. I have friends that grew 2 cup sizes. I simply grew a half size in one of my feet, making shoe buying nearly impossible (thanks). That said, lucky might not be the right word as you may not have needed the extra girth or maybe your aching back wasn’t making you seem as spry as you were at 18.

6. Eyelid Surgery 30%
This one I hate to see, because it snuck up on me. I’ve already written extensively about my obsession with my uneven eyelids. Yep, car windows, sun damage, pulling, rubbing, gravity, sleep positioning and a gazillion other things can make your eyes uneven or droopy over time. I’ll probably be opting for it in the future — I can’t let all my good shadows and mascaras go to waste.

As you can see our generation is at the forefront of this battle against bulge, time, gravity and aging — here’s to hoping we make some headway.


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